Patio Doors

Aluminium patio doors is simply what we do best.

For over 25 years Carroll's have been manufacturing, suppling and installing sliding patio doors.

So whether it's a simple sliding door, Lift & Slide or one of the many multi slide options, patios are a very versitile option for you home. Allowing opening sashes upto 4m x 3.5m each these doors can provide a wall of glass that keeps the heat in, while sliding to let the outside and inside feel like one.

We can manufacture a vast range of styles from the 3 different frame options:

1. Single Track provides the simple one fixed one slide along with the four pane opening from the centre, amongst others.

2. Double Track allows for both sashes to move independantly, changing the opening side and giving increased flexibility.

3. Triple Track is one of our most popular for doors over 5m, with upto 6 doors all moving this is the frame we us for the triple slider.

C125 Aluminium Sliding Door

The C125 is a thermally insulated sliding and lift-sliding system that is durable, stable and robust. The System is available in a 1,2 and 3 rail version, allowing a 6 leaf door to be manufactured with ease. With maximum vent weights of 240kg for sliding and 300kg for lift-slide, very large glazing areas are easily attainable. A combination of strong profiles and stainless steel rollers with polyamide support allow C125 to be used for glazed areas up to 2.8m (height) for the sliding version. These stainless steel rollers are self-levelling which assures that the vent glides effortlessly up to the maximum weight of 240kg in Sliding, whilst the lift-slide hardware allows vents up to 300kg with glazed areas up to 3m.

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C160 Aluminium Sliding Door

The Confort 160 (C160) is a high performance, thermally insulated sliding door system with a user friendly slide action. The system, with an attractive aesthetic line, is durable, stable and remarkably energy efficient. With a maximum vent weight of up to 400kg, large glazed areas are easily achievable. The C160 was designed to offer high end sliding doors with large glass surfaces and heavy glass loads with minimal sightlines.

C160 profiles are coupled with 40mm omega shaped, glass fibre reinforced polyamidestrips, which reduce thermal conduction. It is also possible in this system to gradually enhance thermal values with application of thermal inserts.

Overall, the C160 achieves a high thermal performance level and improved total insulation over other sliding systems, leading to lower total energy consumption – a positive benefit to the environment, and your fuel bills.

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