Glass Replacements

When CARROLL’S GLASS started in 1979, glass replacements where a large part of the business. Thirty six years on although a much smaller part of the jigsaw, it is every bit as important to us as it was at the start.
We offer a full measurement and replacement service both emergency and non-emergency.

Having trained and qualified glaziers on staff brings us the flexibility to provide replacements into all types of frames (plastic, wood, aluminium, steel and velux windows).

Being a glass stockist and a double glazing unit manufacturer allows for speed of service unrivaled by others.

Some of the glass options we provide are:

  • Single glass
  • Double glazing
  • Triple glazing
  • Acoustic noise reduction glass (more info)
  • Patterned glass (more info)
  • Decorative glass (more info)
  • Safety glass (more info)
  • Solar control glass (more info)
  • Fire protection glass (more info)
  • Mirrors
  • Table tops


Misting : Misting should not be confused with condensation ! Whereas condensation occurs on the surface of the glass, as a result of cold or inclement weather conditions, misting occurs between the glass in double glazed units. This misting is a problem that happens when the seal around the unit breaks down. This seal break allows moist air to enter the unit. Inside the spacer bar between the unit is a moisture absorbing material called Dessicant. This product draws all the moisture form the air inside the unit after manufacture, but when the new moist air arrives it cannot cope and becomes saturated. This is when misting occurs. Misting will only get worse over time allow it may appear to clear up from time to time.


Self explanatory !


Various different circumstances bring about a safety upgrade ranging from a new addition to the family or moving to a new house. But it may be one of the most important thing you do or don’t do as the case may be! Most glass installed before 1995 will be float glass which when broken shards into large razor sharp spikes. Modern safety glass behaves like the windscreen of you car, beads into small pieces which are much less dangerous.


From changing that old obscure glass in the bathroom to something a bit more modern, to changing the appearance of the house by adding georgian bar or decorative glass.