CARROLL’S GLASS are fully equipped to deal with both repair jobs and maintenance of doors and windows. Aluminium & Upvc are usually described as maintenance free, which is plainly untrue, in fact it should be described as low maintenance, they do suffer from wear and tear.

We can provide a fast response service that is flexible to suit your needs. Whether it be replacement locks, handles or hinges fitting will cause minimal disruption.


Regular maintenance of mechanical components will prolong the life of the window or door. This maintenance should be carried out routinely twice a year. ( more often if the product is close to the sea )

  1. All upvc or aluminium should be washed down with warm soapy water using a soft clean cloth and dried thoroughly.
  2. Use upvc cream cleaner, applied with a soft clean cloth.
  3. Do not use chemical or abrasive products.
  4. Locks and hinges should be wiped clean, removing grime and old lubricant.
  5. Re-apply silicone spray lubricant to moving parts.
  6. Check all screws and fixings are secure and adjusted properly.
  7. Special attention should be paid to keep drainage channels free and clear of blockages.