Aluminium Super Insulated Windows

75mm Si window suite:

The SI (super insulated) window suite is the first in a new generation of window and façade products. Utilising advanced polyamide thermal break technology, Dualframe 75mm Si provides high thermal performance without the need to resort to complex and costly sealed unit specifications. Drawing from the tried and tested design principles of Dualframe, the Si specification also incorparates industry leading weather performance and security.

The SI range incorparates casements. tilt before turns, pivot and reversible windows.

With an increased focus on energy efficiency, it is valuable to use windows that help towards the overall reduction of heat loss. The Sapa SI window easily achieves an "A+" window energy rating and overall u-values can be as low as 0.9 W/m2K.

Casement Windows:

are an ideal solution for any home or commercial job. They are your standard push out window utilising friction hinges and espag locking.

Tilt before Turn Windows:

Are an open in window that tilts firstly before turning in like a door. Particularly popular for large openings as sizes can be as large as 1400 x 2500.

Pivot Windows:

Are a window that pivots on a central axis. Popular as commercial high level windows.

Reversible Windows:

Are a window that opens intially like a casement but then using specialist friction hinges allow the sash to rotate.

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